Criteria for membership

The objective of the The Swedish Construction Federationis to enhance the professional reputation of the branch by protecting good business practice in the construction industry as well as increasing the quality of construction.

To qualify for membership the applying company must meet the following criteria:

  • The company operates within the construction industry in Sweden
  • All companies within the concern operating in the construction industry must be a member of The Swedish Construction Federation
  • To qualify for membership with the organisation the company must be registered as one of the following forms of business enterprises;

-         Limited liability company

-         European Company (Societas Europaea, SE)

-         European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG)

-         Branch

-         Trading partnership

-         Limited partnership

Sole trader does not qualify for membership.

  • The company must submit proof of registration from their own country’s authorities
  • Copy of certificate of registration showing the authorized signatory (issued within the past 2 years
  • The company has official confirmation of an approved accountant
  • The owner with decisive influence, members of the board, MD and accountants are of impeccable repute
  • Signed binding agreement
  • The company has been operational in the construction industry for at least 2 years
  • The company provides an authorised copy of the current year’s annual report as well as that of the previous year; if the company applying has not been in operation in the construction field for the past 2 years, then the parent company’s operational in the construction field annual reports are required
  • The company has paid its first invoice regarding membership & service fee to the federation
  • The company submits correct information on the amount of employees and salaries and wages upon application.

If the company applying for membership has not had operations in Sweden previously, it is a requirement that the submission of the a) calculation of the amount of employees to be operating in Sweden and b) the total calculated annual wage for the present year

  • Taxation form showing that the company does not have overdue taxes or charges
  • If the company is a member in the EU, VAT number is obligatory
  • All documentation must be submitted in English or Swedish
  • The company is registered to pay company tax and VAT in country of origin
  • F-skatt registration in Sweden
  • The company undertakes to follow  the rules and regulations of Samhällsbyggnadssektorns Ethical Rules
  • The company undertakes to follow  the Swedish Construction Federation’s and Confederation of Swedish Enterprise regulations
  • The company undertakes to apply The Swedish Construction Federations Code of Conduct
  • The company undertakes to apply The Swedish Construction Federations collective agreement
  • The company undertakes to apply ID06 in the workplace
  • The company undertakes to participate in an introduction meeting before commencing operations in Sweden
  • The company and its representatives undertake to act in such a way that the interests of the Federation interest are not damaged
  • Change of ownership or Board of Directors of a member company automatically changes the status of the existing membership, giving the federation reason to review the company in its new constellation in accordance with the criteria applicable for a new member

Please note that employers are obliged to obtain insurance complying with the Swedish collective agreement. Your company must therefore take direct contact with FORA for hourly-paid workers and Collectum/Alecta for salaried employees.

If you would like to apply for membership please contact your nearest Swedish Construction Federation branch or fill in the electronic expression of interest (swe).

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